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It started... as a simple Dungeon Run

The Dungeon Run is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons show that has been enchanting audiences of all ages since 2019 with their incredible story, characters, visuals, live music and viewer interactivity.

Join our outstanding team of Dungeon Masters and the heroes of our stories as they fight to save the world from mysterious enemies with magic, love, wit, and... lots of costumes.





12PM PT / 3PM ET

The Dungeon Cooldown

A weekly talkback show where the cast kicks back and discusses the previous episode with questions from the Watchers - sharing theories, fan art, and character insight.



The Dungeon Run

Join us for the exciting live studio premiere of Season 2 of The Dungeon Run. Interact with their campaign as they fight to survive and unravel magical mysteries.


8AM PT / 11AM ET

The Dungeon

Play it again! The Dungeon Run re-airs as a YouTube Premiere so you can chat live with fellow Watchers and relive the magic of Wednesday's episode.

Support the Show

Our show is self-produced every week with your support! Together, the cast and crew are going to be bringing you new chapters of their epic story every week, along with all kinds of bonus content!

Patreon gives the audience a slew of new opportunities for ways to interact with and affect the adventure. Bonus shows, merch discounts, customized shout outs and more, take a look at our tiers and find what works best for you!

You can also support the show by following our socials, interacting with the live show, subscribing on Twitch and YouTube or most importantly - sharing the show with your friends and family!

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