The Depths of Greed | The Dungeon Run | Campaign 2, Episode 20

Still recovering from the celestial battle they witnessed, The Stormborn have questions for A’itha, the God of Air who gave Saint her cleric powers. But they may not like the answers they find! And as they begin to uncover the mysteries at the heart of The Hanging Gardens, it becomes clear that MANY figures from their past might be caught in the maelstrom. CAST Dungeon Master: Ron Ogden @therealrogden Cristobal De La Cruz: Adam Slemon @urjester KoKo Aldershadow: Kari Lee Cartwright @justalittleklc Saint of Irijji Willowstep: Jessica Lynn Parsons @jessicaparsons Valcorio Lunaris: Morgan Peter Brown @morganpetebrown

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