Meet the

Heroes of Bingle

Played by

Jarred Kjack

Siv RedThistle

Tabaxi Rogue/Fighter

Siv is a partially reformed criminal with the soul of a scoundrel and the passion of a poet. Trusting no one, he broke his only rule and allowed his new friends into his heart. Hailing from the dark city of Olsvach he learned early on that life was going to be hard and survival was paramount. However, no matter what dangers he faces, he always has a soft spot for anyone poor or downtrodden. That is to say unless you cross him or his friends… then you might wake to find nine inches of steel imbedded in your back.

STR 11
DEX 20
CON 15
INT 11
CHA 16

Fahima Tadgh

Played by

Jessica Lynn Parsons

STR 11
DEX 12
CON 15
INT 20
WIS 15
CHA 12

Fire Genasi WIzard

Fahima is a fiery young adventurer with a soft spot for monstrous creatures - the scarier the better. She travels with her baby phoenix familiar, Meep.

Fire genasi are extremely rare in Aïn. As the story goes, her father, Conroy, went on a dangerous expedition in Pash where he found an Efreeti Bottle among ruins and Wished for a child, born of fire and flesh. Since adventuring out on her own to find her missing father, she's come into close contact with the Ashen Mage, who has introduced her to more complex hand-crafted spells, and blood magic.

Played by

Morgan Peter Brown

James Quillis

Human Warlock

James is a tall human male in his 30s, a little on the scrawny side with shaggy brown hair and a small pair of glasses perched on the end of his nose. A librarian by trade, he spent years as a loner, his only friends the ones he found in books. But one day he found the wrong book, and it led him down the path to the Old Ones.

Now he’s a warlock, inextricably tied to his dark patrons, trying his best to use his shadowy powers for good. But the Old Ones have plans for him and not even James knows what the future holds…

DEX 14
CON 12
INT 15
WIS 14
CHA 18

Uggo Truthseeker

Played by

Ron Ogden

STR 18
DEX 12
CON 14
WIS 13
CHA 13

Orc Barbarian Paladin

Uggo Truthseeker (formerly Uggo Ragefist) is an Orc Paladin of the CandleQueen, the goddess of light and truth. Hailing from the historically bloodied lands of Thorn, Uggo wasn't always a paladin. His traumatic past with his family, including his rejected brother, Brakka, has driven him from a stubborn and naïve barbarian into Thorn's commanding and wise Orcish king. Uggo is always willing to be the rock in which all opposing waves crash and will go to great lengths to support those he loves, because no sacrifice is too great to keep his Oath to the Family.

Played by

Katie Michels

Lily Dumblestuck

Beach Gnome Bard

Lily is generally smiling, and making eye contact with everyone she sees. She wears a teal vest with gold accents over a white dress. (All the natives of Bingle wear a variation of this vest which allows visitors to know who the locals are should they have any questions.) A former bartender at "Bingle and Loving It", Lily is no stranger to rowdy crowds, and firmly believes that communication is key; living by the motto "when in doubt hug it out". A forever optimist, she'll sing you a song, play you a tune on her flute, or gently close her eyes if you happen to die from her vicious mockery...

STR 12
DEX 16
CON 14
INT 14
WIS 13
CHA 19

Character portraits by Jason DeBit

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