Good vs. Evil

Force Cards


Each week there is a Force of Good/Force of Evil tug of war where the players are given a card that either helps or hinders them, depending on which team won the war the previous week. To submit your idea for a card, click the button and fill out the form.

How it Works

Each week the points are decided by the audience’s purchase of items for either side. Those items are “Balloons,” which are less expensive and worth less points, or the very valuable “Golden Potatoes” for Team Force of Good and “Evil Yams” for Team Force of Evil, which are both worth a lot more.

The card is announced near the beginning of every episode and at the end of every episode we announce the winner of the war for that week. The link for purchasing these items is available through our Twitch page.


The Pickpocket (Force of Evil)
Three times in this session, the DM can steal a roll and put it in his pocket to hold for his own use. The player it was stolen from must roll again at straight disadantage - no purchased force of good or force of evil can affect it.
Submitted By: DiceandCapes

Kiss the Joint (Force of Good)
Once per setting visited this session, the players may all blow a kiss to the gods of the timestream to receive a piece of information about a specified room, building or enemy near where they are. This can be anything from special abilities or resistances, current HP, presence of treasure or traps, or number of enemies instead.
Submitted By: Ceetar

Zone of Truth (Force of Good)
The tendrils of Dondo Karigina's Zone of Truth have lingered on you somehow. WHen in battle, one of you is able to give up an action to ask an enemy w/in 30ft of you to reveal its damage and condition vulnerabilities, resistances, and/or immunities.
Submitted By: Bill_Og

Back Stab (Force of Evil)
The Amulet creates a sudden urge in all of your to stab somebody. For the next round of combat, any attack roll for any player that is an odd number means the attack targets the nearest ally instead of the intended enemy.
Submitted By: Silverfang59

Echos of Pasta Forgotten (Force of Evil)
Something brushes against your neck. Was that... noodles?
You grab your face - suddenly overcome with fear that you might have grown a noodle beard that everyone's been too polite to mention. There's nothing there, but you find yourself constantly touching your face just to make sure. Auto-fail your next Charisma check.
Submitted By: Grimfated

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