Nature vs. Cosmos

Force Cards


Each week there are five levels of upgradable tiers of Force of Nature and Force of Cosmos cards. Each card will increase in power and can include any multitude of possibilities including but not limited to: items, gold, helpful events, and hindering events. Cards can be bonkers, subtle, silly, serious, and everything in between. To submit your idea for a card, click the button and fill out the form.

How it Works

Each week there is an audience tug of war where the audience can affect the players through special cards designated as Force of Nature and Force of Cosmos. These cards are unlocked through a system where points can be accumulated through the purchase of different digital items: “Balloons,” which are less expensive and worth less points, or the very valuable Sprouted Potatoes for Team Force of Nature and Cosmic Yams for Team Force of Cosmos, which are both worth a lot more! The link for purchasing these items is available through our Twitch page.

Generally Tier 1 should be thematic and light.

(Force of Nature: Neutral)
Arctic Fox? Maybe. A Fur-lined hat? Could be. A deadly saber-toothed tiger? Anything is possible and only one way to find out! All players roll a survival skill check… The highest wins!
(If it's a fox it could be tracked for food, or maybe it leads to a fresh kill of several lemmings that offers skins and furs for trade.)

Tier 2 could impact one player for some amount of time, or could include more than one player for a very short amount of time.

Example: (Force of Nature: Helpful)
Let the PC group decide who receives this card. That PC is reminded of home in some strange way and has a renewed fervor to survive this harsh environment. All saving throws for the recipient of the card are made with advantage until dawn on the next day.

Generally, Tier 3 impacts everyone including players for a brief time. It might change the environment in some balance of helpful/hindrance.

Example: (Force of Nature: Neutral)
At the beginning of the next combat, a hungry saber-tooth cat enters the scene hunting for food (Depending on what the PC’s reactions are, the beast will either attack them, or the monster they face.)

Tier 4 impacts everyone for a lengthy period of time. This tier could also include scrolls, potions, and one use magical items.

Example: (Force of Cosmos: Helpful)
The very fabric of space warps around you, and tendrils of starstuff extend from your arms as you battle, driving you to power you've never felt - but with an exhausting cost. During this entire combat, the player characters can turn any hit into a critical by suffering two levels of exhaustion.

Tier 5 impacts one person or the group in a major way possibly for multiple episodes. This tier could include low-tier magic items, random themed treasure chests, etc.

Example: (Force of Nature: Hindrance)
As spells are cast, small openings to other dimensions open around you. The next 1d4 spells cast by any player triggers the Wild Magic Surge table. The player triggering this may counter the rolled effect by expending all remaining spell slots - minimum of 1 slot.

Things to keep in mind: The setting is still high fantasy so please keep the suggestion within the theme. Additionally, the DMs reserve the right to change any card submitted as they see fit, including tier, damage, theme, etc. Tier progress and cards reset each week. More tiers are possible as play progresses and the story advances. All of the above is subject to change.

Force of Nature can use the following key words to inspire the theme of the cards they wish to submit:

RAW, Primal, Elemental, Fey, Natural, Medicinal, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Venom, Ice, Animals, Reptiles, Fish, Birds, Storms, Clouds, Primordial, Ancient, Woodlands, Trees, Stone, Mountains, Plains, Rivers, Lakes, Lava, Obsidian, Swamps, Earthquakes, Creation, Survival, Food, Badlands, Desert, Plants, Fungi, Algae, Decay, Disease, Seasons

Force of Cosmos can use the following key words to inspire the theme of the cards they wish to submit:

Astral, Space, Time, Clone, Science, Physics, Luck, Stars, Location, Universe, Creation, Planar Travel, Macrocosm, Order, Heavens, Harmony, Planet, Ether, Magic, Arcane, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Metallurgy, Genetics, Paleontology, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Math, Statistics, Fate, Lore, Knowledge, Dragons, History, Aeronautics, Astrophysics, Acoustics, Sounds, Engineering, Machinery, Quantum Physics, Psychic, Paranormal, Manufactured.

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