The Epic Adventures of Ursula Scratch | The Dungeon Run | Campaign 2 SIDE QUEST

The last we saw of Ursula, the Ursakka Druid was being whisked away on the back of a magical creature! It seems the gods had a different task in mind for Ursula and it’s about time we find out what that might be. Join Katie Michels and an incredible guest cast as they explore an entirely different part of our story with an amazing tale of divine mysteries, heroism and friendship, “The Epic Adventures of Ursula Scratch!” CAST Dungeon Master: Ron Ogden @therealrogden Dungeon Master: Jarred Kjack @kjackvo Ursula Scratch: Katie Michels @thekatiemichels Ol’ Humu: Amy Vorpahl @vorpahlsword Fight-O: Vincent Caso @vincecaso Gwendolyn “Gigi” Sefid : Naseem Etemad @nas_ghoul #dungeonsanddragons #thedungeonrun #dnd ______________________________ JOIN US LIVE on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm Pacific at

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