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You can watch The Dungeon Run live every Wednesday on Twitch, where you can interact with the show and influence the outcome of the story for Good or Evil! You can watch past episodes of The Dungeon Run on our YouTube channel.

Yes! The Dungeon Run is a live actual play Dungeons and Dragons game shot in a studio in Los Angeles, CA. You can also interact with the game in real time by purchasing items and see in real time how you affect the story!

The Dungeon Run is one of the best Dungeons & Dragons shows on the internet! It's a live play roleplaying game where the cast plays fictional characters in an improvised fantasy world, created and narrated by the Dungeon Masters.

The Dungeon run is an epic tale of action, comedy, and heartfelt drama that's appropriate for all ages. The show started in 2019 and has aired over 120 episodes!

Session 0 is a prologue story of the characters before the first episode begins. For The Dungeon Run Campaign 2, each character got their own prologue with the two Dungeon Masters, which tells the story of what happened right before they were hurled into the storm that begins the adventure.

You can watch all of the Session 0s on YouTube.

Much of our audience enjoys watching or listening to the show with their children! Our aim is to make the show suitable for family viewing, so there is very little in the way of explicit language or sexual content. The descriptions of violence can be somewhat graphic at times, but we try to keep things at a PG-13 level.

The Dungeon Run began on the Caffeine streaming network as an original production in April 2019 and ran there until early 2021, at first in studio and then remotely once the Covid-19 pandemic hit. In March of 2021 the show moved to Twitch and is now produced independently by the cast and other team members, supported by viewers through Patreon.

As mentioned above, our first 78 episodes were produced on the Caffeine streaming network, both in studio and remotely. Though we produce the show ourselves now, we’re very grateful for our time with Caffeine we happily feature VOD of those original episodes on our YouTube so new viewers can witness the origin of the show.

Nope! Though our Dungeon Masters have crafted an incredible world filled with rich and detailed characters, every week they and the cast improvise the story together based around spur-of-the-moment decision making. It’s a wild ride and there’s nothing else quite like it!


Easy! Simply visit shop.thedungeonrun.tv and shop our incredible store! We’re constantly updating it with new clothing and items, be sure to visit regularly so you don’t miss out on any of the awesome options.

Other Questions

If there’s anything you’d like to send us through the physical mail, you can send to our box at:

10061 Riverside Dr. #632 Toluca Lake, CA 91602

If you have business inquiries, please contact us by filling out our Contact Form. For general questions you may also reach out via discord or any of our social media channels.

Subscribers to our Twitch page get immediate access to the VOD of every episode as soon as they’re finished, as well as bonuses like exclusive emojis to use in chat during the show! You can subscribe through the link on our page, and Amazon Prime members can subscribe for free!


There are a few ways you can currently affect the story. You can purchase Advantages or Disadvantages for each player or for the DM. Be sure to designate who the recipient is upon purchase. It can sometimes take a couple episodes for the players to get to yours so don’t fear if you don’t hear them right away.

Also, each week there is a Force of Good/Force of Evil tug of war where the players are given a card that either helps or hinders them, depending on which team won the war the previous week. Each week the points are decided by the audience’s purchase of items for either side. Those items are “Balloons,” which are less expensive and worth less points, or the very valuable “Golden Potatoes” for Team Force of Good and “Evil Yams” for Team Force of Evil, which are both worth a lot more. The card is announced near the beginning of every episode and at the end of every episode we announce the winner of the war for that week. The link for purchasing these items is available through our Twitch page.

In so many ways! You can always start by sharing the show with friends. You can subscribe on Twitch and YouTube, as well as to our podcast on your preferred podcast app. You can find the links to our Twitter, Instagram and TikTok pages in the top corner of the page as well, we’re very active on those platforms.

Patreon is an excellent way to support the show and also get some awesome additional content. We have multiple tiers available for patrons that come with a variety of rewards like extra shows, insights from Jeff and the players, discounts on merch and more!

And, as mentioned above, you can interact with the show by purchasing digital items such as Advantages or Disadvantages or contributing to the weekly “Force War” that affects the show in a big way.

The Community

We truly believe we have the best community on the internet! We and the fans of the show interact in constant ways, whether that be on social media, in chat during the live shows, or on our “Official Unofficial Discord” moderated by fans. The discord is truly the best place to talk about the show and interact with the cast as well as other members of the community and you can join it here.

If you'd like to submit your own art to the gallery, you can upload it to the #fan-art thread of our community discord, or fill out our Submission Form.

Yes! The page is constantly updated by members of our community with episode recaps, character details, fan art and more. Check it out here!

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