Cristobal De La Cruz

Played by

Adam Slemon

DEX 15
CON 14
INT 16
WIS 11
CHA 13

Human Wizard

Cristobal is next in line to be the court wizard to Lord Francisco Domingo Peron and Maria Eva Duerte de Perón of Physarum. A life of privilege in the court has done little to prepare him for the real world. He attempts to get by on his charm and wit, with varying degrees of success. While he considers himself above the baser compulsion for physical violence, he is quite at home with the verbal and social sparring indicative of a life in court. Scratch his back and he'll scratch yours but never forget, Cristobal was raised to be charming...not sincere.

Played by

Kari Lee Cartwright

KoKo Aldershadow

Wood Elf Ranger

KoKo AlderShadow (She/They) is a wood elf ranger who, after being mysteriously separated from their family as a youngin, grew up wandering about the feywild, making friends with the wind. Koko’s sparkly-eyed enthusiasm often makes them seem like the pluckiest ranger in town but beneath their armor, they’re wondering “Am I doing this right?”

STR 12
DEX 16
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 16
CHA 12

Octavius Boxcutter

Played by

Surena Marie

STR 13
DEX 17
CON 14
INT 13
WIS 15
CHA 15

Owlin Rogue

Octavius (Otto) is a small owlin rogue with big dreams of adventure. Hailing from a thriving community deep beneath the mountains, Otto and their family are sworn to protect a great magical secret. But the burden of such secrets often bears a price. Otto is haunted with dreams of an unknown deity that has left blackened scorch marks upon his left arm. Luckily for Otto, they are armed with the teachings of their uncle Jeb Jeb, esteemed General AND Professor of their community, as they explore the surface for the very first time

Played by

Jessica Lynn Parsons

Saint of Irijji Willowstep

Loxodon/Wood Elf Cleric

Caught between two worlds from a young age, Saint is a friendly, 7-foot-tall purple loxodon/wood elf who always has a smile on her face. Newly a Stormsong cleric to a mysterious god, Saint delivers their power through song and warhammer. She set out from her second home of the Hanging Gardens on a brave journey to find her missing twin sister Sansa, to become a great warrior for her god, and to find out where she fits in to this extraordinary world.

STR 14
DEX 10
CON 16
WIS 16
CHA 10

Ursula Scratch

Played by

Katie Michels


Ursakka Druid

Coming Soon

Played by

Morgan Peter Brown

Valcorio Lunaris

Dragonborn Fighter

Valcorio (Val) is a silver dragonborn, about 30 years old, with scales that look like silverware that hasn't been polished in far too long. He's the son of affluent mages, important figures in the Southern Island of Mechus, but his lack of talent in the magical arts has always made him the black sheep of the family. Instead he's become well trained in swordplay and has spent the last several years in self-imposed exile after dramatic events drove him away from the city where he was born. After receiving some upsetting news, he returned home to find very little as he left it, before he was whisked away by a magical vortex, depositing him unceremoniously among the rest of the heroes.

STR 14
DEX 16
CON 16
INT 12
CHA 10

Character portraits by Jason DeBit

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