The Grand Bizarre: Part 1 | The Dungeon Run | Campaign 1, Episode 116

Dungeon Master Jeff Cannata is back as the Heroes of Bingle return for a special two part adventure! The team visits “a road not taken” when they decide to stop off in the city of Oya Toskind, a place known for its raucous atmosphere and enchanting circus, The Soirée Fantastique! But when an old acquaintance lets them know there could be villainy afoot inside the city, our heroes must set out to infiltrate the big top and discover the mystery behind this strange and fantastical entertainment extravaganza! CAST Dungeon Master: Jeff Cannata @jeffcannata Siv RedThistle: Jarred Kjack @jarredkjack Fahima Tadhg: Jessica Lynn Parsons @jessicaparsons James Quillis: Morgan Peter Brown @morganpetebrown Uggo Ragefist: Ron Ogden @therealrogden LIly Dumblestuck: Katie Michels @thekatiemichels

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