Behind the Scenes Photos!

Those photos didn’t quite post how I wanted in the previous post so attaching here in a more user-friendly way!

“Since we did our “Dungeon Re-Run” last night of Episode 5, I thought I’d go back and show you some fun behind-the-scenes photos from the day we taped that episode! It really was a special one, for a few reasons.

First of all, as you’ll notice from the champagne on ice, that was the day we officially found out that Caffeine had approved the show to go longer than our originally planned 10 episodes. A LOT past 10 episodes, as it turned out haha.

There’s shots of our minis in the incredible imprisoned Storm Warden model, Arrabann being a total diva who doesn’t want to be touched, and a gorgeous shot of Ron’s braided hair! Funny story behind that last one, Lily says at a certain point during the episode that she’s braiding Uggo’s hair while riding on his back, so my wife Krystle texted me at intermission “CHAT WANTS YOU TO ACTUALLY BRAID RON’S HAIR!”

Needless to say, we happily obliged ;)”

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